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Between $50 and $100 billion dollars of personal property assets sit unclaimed in state, federal, and private depositories, waiting to be identified and collected by family members across the U.S. Whether simply forgotten or just unknown, these accounts can lie dormant for many decades, often representing the savings of deceased parents and grandparents, or the more recent oversight of families who move from one state to another. Use the names in your Family Tree to search for unclaimed assets today!

  • Lost bank accounts
  • Missing stocks & bonds
  • Old safe deposit boxes
  • Unclaimed life insurance
  • Lost checks & refunds
  • Unpaid pensions
  • Forgotten 401K & IRAs
  • Lost health claim checks
  • Uncashed savings bonds
  • Lost dividends & interest
  • Uncashed payroll checks
  • Lost tax refunds
  • De-mutualization payments
  • Old credit union accounts
  • Burial insurance policies
  • Accounts in failed banks
  • Old utility deposits
  • Unclaimed veterans benefits
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